Body Temple

Unit 6, Dale Mill, Burnley Road East, Waterfoot, Rossendale, BB4 9HU

Weights and wellbeing for men and ladies.

Body Temple is one of the Valley's original health clubs offering much more than just a gym. From weights to workouts, dance to Zumba, personal trainers for groups and one 2 ones.

There is so much fun and excerise all under one roof, including a nutrition shop.

Monthly and Annual membership offers all year round.

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01706 222235

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Helen Nixon BSc (Hons) Exercise and Health Science. Personal Trainer

Fern Lea, Waterfoot, Rossendale, BB4 7JF

Personal training is not just for the stars!

Are you overweight, unfit or just not happy about the way you feel and look? With over 14 years of experience in teaching my clients the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle I have supported and helped people of all ages adapt to a new way of life.

I work within the NHS and have taught PE and supported schools in increasing their physical activity. Fast fixes and short plan diets and exercise do not work in the long term!

I can help you prepare and adopt a new healthy life and gain confidence utilising proven methods that combine the correct diet and exercise routines that will help you set longer-term fitness and health goals and stay there!

Please visit my website and see for yourself my experience and caring attitude to my clients.

Personal training is not just 6 packs and looking good, it's Improving Health, Fitness and Wellbeing both mentally and physically. Please visit our website.

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07970 099917

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17 Poplar Street, Haslingden, Rossendale, BB4 5LY

Leapfit is the UK's newest and brightest development in personal fitness. We offer one to one and group sessions across the Rossendale Valley. Wether it's plyometrics, pre-weddidng weight loss, exercise or fitness, we are definitely worth giving a call!

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07511 471738

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Rossendale Bootcamp

The North West's top fat loss coaches who use their 'Rapid Fat Loss Formula' to melt fat off hundreds of their clients say, "Does anybody else wants to dramatically shift body fat and drop at least a clothing size in just 28 days?

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07966 004026

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